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Z následujících krátkých textů si můžete udělat představu o úrovni znalostí anglického jazyka, které studenti dosahují na jednotlivých stupních během studia metodou Callan. Diktát je zde považován za měřítko pokroku v učení. Student při něm prokáže, že je schopen porozumět tomu co slyší a poté správně obsah sdělení reprodukovat. Také to znamená, že dokáže diktát přeložit a použít probraná slovíčka v konverzaci. Diktáty jsou složeny z nesouvisejících vět, které umožňují jejich nabití maximem nových obtížných slov.

Stupeň 1 - první čtvrtina Knihy Jedna - osvojení 250 slovíček.

What's this? It's a pen. Is this a pencil or a book? Is the long table black? No, it isn't, it's white. The short box is green. A city is large but a village is small. Is Mr. Brown a man? Yes, he is. Is Miss Brown a boy or a girl?

Stupeň 2 - polovina Knihy Jedna - osvojení 500 slovíček.

The difference between "any" and "some" is that we generally use "any" in the interrogative and negative whilst we use "some" in the positive. "Any" is non-specific. "What" is specific. The answer to which is "none". The Present Progressive we use for an action we are doing now.

Stupeň 3 - tři čtvrtiny Knihy Jedna - osvojení 750 slovíček.

January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August September, October, November, December. The battle was above us in the air. The water below us was very deep. Last month was January. Next month will be March. If I want to eat, I must go either home or to a restaurant.

Stupeň 4 - konec Knihy Jedna - osvojení 1000 slovíček.

Úroveň první z řady Cambridgeských mezinárodních zkoušek KET.
Last night I had a very bad dream. Their garden is separate from ours. I made eight mistakes last time. The news on the wireless today is very good. The bank has a branch in every town in the country. We can go over the river by bridge.

Stupeň 5 - polovina Kniha Dvě - osvojení 1250 slovíček.

"Fast" means the same as "quick", except that we do not add "ly" to it as an adverb. What have they just done? They've just learnt that in the Conditional Tense we use "should" for the first person singular and plural and "would" for all other persons.

Stupeň 6 - konec Knihy Dva - osvojení 1500 slovíček.

Úroveň Cambridge PET mezinárodní zkoušky.
The arrow flew through the air and hit the tree in the middle. He looked very strange. He had fair hair, but a dark beard. I do not know how much they gave him, but it was a large amount. I cannot go any further. I am too tired.

Stupeň 7 - polovina Knihy Tři - osvojení 1750 slovíček.

It is often easier to tell a lie than to tell the truth, but life is made much easier and much more pleasant if we tell the truth and in return can believe what people say. The man was not very badly hurt in the accident.

Stupeň 8 - konec Knihy Tři - osvojení 2000 slovíček.

One side of a coin we call the head side, whilst the other side we call the tail side. Quite by accident he knocked the glass of water off the table onto the floor. Although he smiles broadly, his lips seldom part to show his teeth.

Stupeň 9 - polovina Knihy Čtyři - osvojení 2500 slovíček.

I am afraid I cannot recommend him for the job. A wound we get from fighting, whilst an injury we get by accident. They decided to separate and sit at separate tables. When applying for a job the manager, or whoever it might be, usually asks us for a reference.

Stupeň 10 - konec Knihy Čtyři - osvojení 3000 slovíček.

The poor beast stood waiting with great patience. The bird swallowed the jewel as though it had been a piece of food. The cushions in the room were all covered with fur. The curtains had been made into a big bundle and put into a large copper-coloured bucket.

Stupeň 11 - konec Knihy Pět - osvojení 4300 slovíček.

Some initial research was done, and a survey was carried out, but then the project was dropped. At the frontier there were several military lorries full of soldiers. We decided to send the towels to the laundry. Among the items on the table was a jar of honey.

Stupeň 12 - osvojení více než 4500 slov

Úroveň zkoušky Cambridge First Certificate Examination FCE.

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